Tips for Safely Storing Files in the Cloud

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Storing in the cloud has become an interesting option to keep your saved documents. Nowadays there are numerous servers that bring this functionality, allowing not only store your files but access them anywhere. However, like any other service on the Internet, it is important to take certain precautions, so we will list some tips for storing in the cloud safely.

The primary tip is to know really difficult to formulate passwords. We’re talking about sequences which involve numbers and letters, upper case or not. After all, it is the password that will protect your account from any hackers who steal your files. At the same time it is recommended to avoid sharing folders and passwords with others. It is a personal service, so restrict it only to you.

Look for reliable and preferably free servers. A good tip is to store files on Google Drive with a capacity of 15 GB free. And other companies also offer free versions, as Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Cloud hosting by etc. Interestingly these services are secure, because we are dealing with serious companies that already work with online storage.

Back up regularly. After all, online storage is subject to instabilities of the server, which can cause problems if you want to access a particular service at that time. Create spreadsheets to know what you are saving is an important form of control.

Finally, do not forget to sync your files. Maintain a constant update of what you saves. In current times, the cloud is an indispensable tool. Make use of this amazing tool.

How To Break The Fear Of Investing And Move The Data Center

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Cisco ExpandsCommon sense has always been in the IT industry that managers of large companies have conservative characteristics, and for good reason, though for much of the area of technology companies has a direct impact on their revenue.

I have observed in recent years that one of the biggest fears of CIOs today is to be ahead of a physical drive Data Center. I believe that many sleep praying that day will not come. And they are right. Is there anything more risky for the IT manager than having to put in place a project of this responsibility? The core business of the entire company is present at the Data Center. Any error not anticipated, and mean the loss of revenue may also compromise the CIO career.

Still, investments are needed with the growing number of adherents to the digital world consumers. Companies have created channels of relationship with them, invested in data storage of for target audience and essential information for the development of the business. Cloud computing, issue of the moment in the technology segment, represents a large portion of the need for investment in data center.

The important thing is to remember that the service moves depends exclusively on planning and risk analysis. The deadlines vary according to the company’s current situation, however, to make a drive for success in 48h for a large company, you need approximately two months of planning.

The planning process involves conducting a survey of all requirements of technology and infrastructure in the client base, developing an inventory and analysis of the characteristics of the environment. With this documentation in hand, the team can analyze all the risks of the procedure and establish what will be the necessary approach. This is the most complex part, because it is from the long period of two months, if something goes wrong in plan, the action may be compromised and lead to long downtime in the company.

The project moves from Data Center is one of the riskiest in the IT industry and two important for the CIO overcome fear tips are: 1) Talk to anyone who has already made moves to know which path to tread; 2) Make sure that the vendor is sufficient and has the necessary experience and responsibility to perform this action. That done, I usually say that when planning and risk analysis are performed well on the day of moving even a child can perform the action successfully.

Questionnaire for Cloud Security Requirements

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Today, cloud computing is allowing companies to outsource their data processing to commercial providers, have become a popular and rapidly growing market. But the nature of such services makes customers think primarily about data security.

Specialists of the Alliance for the cloud security (Cloud Security Alliance), which includes companies like eBay, Intuit, DuPont, and ING, the questionnaire was drawn up for the certification of web hosting providers.

Of course, ideally it would personally inspect the data center and meet with staff. If only to see firsthand what all is specified in your contract, there is in reality. But in fact – it’s modal facility with very strict control system on the territory of which, in most cases, the usual customers are not allowed.

So if you are not able to visit the data center provider of e, then all you need can be determined using the probing questions asked. “This set of questions will facilitate the identification of key issues, development of best practices and methods of control, it should help organizations to build a certification process of cloud providers, according to safety”, – say in the CSA.


- Does the provider regularly test the possibility of entering into the system, as well as internal and external security audits, with results that can read the customers?

- Do customers have an opportunity to perform tests on the vulnerability?

- Whether the data is divided logically for different clients and whether they are encrypted for each client, the data is one of them which is accidentally been issued with the data of another, for example, at the request of law enforcement?

- Will the provider be able to recover the data from each client in case of loss?

- What are the measures for the protection of intellectual property service provider takes?

- Does the provider registration of virtual and physical servers used by each client, and whether he could guarantee that the data is stored only in certain countries, if required by the relevant national legislation on the storage media?

- What is your host, policy response to requests for data on clients from government agencies?

- What policy is used by the provider to preserve customer data and whether it has the opportunity to follow the policy of the customer, requiring the removal of data from the network provider?

- Does the provider have an inventory of their assets and a history of relationships with suppliers?

- Was he teaching his staff to make use of security controls – their own and client – and documented such training?

- Is the monitoring and control of user has access rights?

- What are the measures and the scale of the response to security incidents? And also what is responsible for this provider and client.

And although this is not an exhaustive list of tips, but even this is enough to get an idea about the level of security and the right choice of service provider.

Choosing A Good Web Hosting Service

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The Web has thousands of free Web hosting, but they do have certain limitations and some do not bring what we want, and we are also required to have any advertising that does not benefit personally, this FREE services are called quotation marks, to cover the requirements of the project. We should always hire services because of the benefits they provide. There are some important point that needs to be considered while choosing dedicated hosting services for successful online business which are as below.

Space On Dedicated Server Hosting:

Approximately 200 megabytes are required to reached about 2000 pages and you can index a bit of multimedia material that is a little heavier, and some Web hosting service gives you the chance to increase your space, obviously you have to pay a little more for it .

E-mail Accounts:

The E-mail accounts that you will create, are protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. The best part is that, the extension bears the name of your domain which makes you are professional business person and give you more credibility.

Data Transfer:

If it is possible that the transfer is unlimited, it is better to have no limit on the web traffic you receive. This is a very important fact because if you have very little transfer megabytes of traffic and if you apply the SEO techniques and have many visitors and if these visitors come to your site one day and see that your site is down, they will never come back.


Technical support by chat, phone or e-mail is very important because support is what serves can need at any point of time and the issues must be resolved in less than 24 hours for better benefits.

What Are The Main Challenges of Companies in Information Security?

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The IDC presents the main challenges faced by companies when it comes to information security. According to IDC, the biggest one is to change the organizational culture to promote security. Some other executive level of risk and its consequences are aware; address the lack of skilled labor; place the issue of security in CIO agenda; and offer new and more comprehensive security offerings.

According to IDC, the current situation shows that companies have difficulty to buy information security solutions. Only 15% of companies have clear what they wish to purchase. Another 40% know about buying security and the rest is disoriented, according to research conducted with 206 companies throughout India for all market segments.

The difficulty is in understanding between the offers available in the market, which meet optimally the need and cost and time of undertaking the second assessment consultancy. Even the more mature customers rely heavily on the support of a specialized partner to properly purchase hardware, software or security services. “A team of information security professionals specialized in solutions in the firm, it is expensive to build and expensive to maintain,” says research manager at IDC India.

IDC figures show that currently, the budget for information security represents between 5% and 20% of total IT, and companies with corporate projects (affecting the entire company) have more significant security budget, around 15 % to 20% of the IT budget.

Cloud computing solutions, for example, is present on the agenda of investment, but did not take off. “While I believe in the cloud model as a trend for the future, few expect that this will be the dominant model. Some solutions are more appropriate or fit better in the cloud model (as a service) as webmail and spam, ie, solutions that require a constantly updated data base, “added the manager at IDC.

Another conclusion of the study is that manufacturers of information security solutions understand the great demand for these solutions and offer options for various sections of organization, whether small medium or large in Premisse on model or as a service.

The need today is to address problems proactively and take into account the training of people with a view to prevention. The Health and Trade segments are less mature in relation to information security, but show interest in the subject and therefore are potential markets for years to come. In trade, the demand will come from mobile e-commerce.

Benefits With Reseller Hosting

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In couple of last years, the hosting business raise to a next level of extent. To increase web business with reseller hosting package it sounds to be a better option for an individual to make money online. By providing hosting services to client and earn more response from the market leads, an individual can build a state of art hosting assets.

Reseller hosting is the platform which allows us to resell hosting services and gives a chance to earn more profit from online market. The varieties in reseller hosting plans increases your chances to earn more profit from web market and to create a stand in online web hosting business.

It is necessary that you should know some webmasters so you can easily sell hosting plans to those people. When you sell some reseller package to the clients and after that it becomes your responsibility to handle all the technical problems. You have to be more proficient from all the angles to keep your clients website alive. You have to be some more technically proficient to solve problems because for your customer you are the service provider. It’s better that you do the branding of your reseller hosting and provide it with technical support. It will be more beneficial for you to run reseller business for long time.

Reseller hosting will provide you enough experience to increase your web hosting business which is helpful for your future enhancements. Once you get proficient with reseller you can increase your web hosting businesses strength. Cheap Reseller hosting is a better platform for an individual to start its hosting asset journey.

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Avoid Excessive Server Consolidation

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The term “server consolidation” has frequented the top of the agenda of those who are responsible for IT in organizations. To reduce the number of servers follow the desired reduction in energy costs and lower resource requirements for refrigeration equipment, besides the obvious space savings.

It is understandable that the wave of consolidation has arrived in full force in IT departments and their success has been contagious. The tactic is adopted across the IT industry, large and medium enterprises. Even small structures have been streamlined to the limit.

The trend is followed by providers that now offer solutions that match that philosophy. All this euphoria hides a fundamental fact: the mass adoption of such technology will result in weaker systems and severe risks.

The more bodies rotate on a dedicated server, the worse will be the consequences of possible outages.

Systems configured virtualization followed a traditional architecture that have stopped services in certain cases of falling services. It can be a mail server, or application. Of course all the associated machinery will feel the effects of unavailability still be somewhat limited.

In the case of server consolidation this picture changes and range of risks is inflated and with worse consequences for small businesses that have a greater number of applications running on the server.

In times of virtualization processes and transactions, such unavailability is dreaded by IT and abhorred by the management of the business.

IPv6, A Technical Challenge For The Internet

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ipv6-challenge The Internet has become a fundamental part of society. Everything indicates that is here to stay and that each day will depend most. It is likely a future where the network and the computers will be invisible. They will be so integrated into our daily lives, disguised in everyday objects that we will not think about them anymore, simply will use them. In actuality, however, the network faces a series of challenges that must overcome to keep evolving and even existing.

One of the main challenges of today’s Internet, however, is still known by few. It involves a radical change in its most basic technology: changing the IP protocol.

A “protocol” is just a set of rules to computers and other devices can communicate. IP, or Internet Protocol, is basically two things. He identifies each device on the network with a globally unique numerical address. Also divides the information into small pieces, called packets, and mark with the source addresses and destination. Each of the applications on the Internet: email , web , video and audio conferencing, chat , exchange files, all the same, depends on IP. This protocol is the key to the Internet work in many different media and telecommunications key person to make a more intelligent use of them than traditional technologies such as telephone and TV. The IP is really the heart of the Internet. That is why this issue is important.

This challenge is the fact that the number of addresses is limited. Free addresses will soon be exhausted. In India, even in 2014. There will be a blackout on the Internet. Everything now works as a general rule, keep working. The question is really how to support growth, as new users and devices connect after that.

We have only about 40% of the population with access to the network. There is also a tendency for many types of devices are also connected. For example, in addition to computers, tablets and smartphones , it is common to find games and connected TVs. The demand for growth will only increase. The shortage of addresses in use in version of the IP protocol, IP version 4, or IPv4, has been predicted for many years. A new protocol, IP version 6, or IPv6, is designed to replace it. Change is complex and is delayed. Although similar, the protocols are incompatible. This requires a period of coexistence, with both operating simultaneously.

ISPs will soon deliver IPv6 addresses to their customers. There are many trusted web services and already operating with IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously as Google , Youtube , Gmail , Facebook , Yahoo , Netflix and thousands of others. However, most banks, governments and ecommerce still do not work well. Where were met only with new technology by providers, users will not be able to access the part of the Internet that still uses legacy technology. Therefore providers also deliver an IPv4 address for each client.

But how, if there is more? They use a similar technique that is used in business today, to share addresses: the CGNAT or Carrier Grade NAT. A user share the address legacy with dozens of other users simultaneously. This works, but brings a number of unwanted side effects. One of the more negative is the more difficult, sometimes impossible, to identify the author of a crime, fraud, or any other kind of evil done online. The technique can also cause malfunction or slowness in some websites and services, especially streaming audio and video, games and file sharing.

A company that has a website today if you do not deploy the new technology quickly, run the risk of seeing their service unavailable, or not working very well for a growing number of users.

The deployment of IPv6 in enterprise networks can be done in a gradual and planned manner, yet, but deployment services accessed via the Internet by external users, this is an emergency! A big problem is that some telecom operators, as well as some web hosting companies in India are delayed and not yet offer IPv6 for the enterprise market. In many cases, it is necessary to switch suppliers. The new technology also requires support in equipment.

In infrastructure networks, devices have IPv6 support for several years. Computers and tablets in general, are also prepared. There is a problem, however, with smartphones. Many models still sold in stores do not support. The same is true for smart TVs, gaming consoles and other gadgets . Consumers buying these equipment attached to the legacy protocol today, may have problems in the not too distant future.

There is some confusion about the timing correct this change, generated mainly because there is no “dates from the turn.” However, more delayed or not a failure can be catastrophic to the Internet.

Dear reader, if you are an entrepreneur, or responsible for an IT company, make sure that IPv6 is enabled on your website , email and other services accessed externally ASAP. If you are just a user of the Internet, pay attention to purchase equipment and services, such as routers wifi , smartphones , game consoles, smart TVs, tablets , internet access, etc.. Know. Already supports IPv6? Only buy or hire if so, or if there is a roadmap clear to resolve the matter quickly. Stay tuned.

Virtualization Storage Solutions To Maximize The Use Of Virtualization

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Server virtualization allows you to increase the efficiency of the use of IT resources, but also increases network traffic that pose particular problems for specialists. The paradigm of “the use of a single server, a network port” was replaced by a virtual server to perform multiple tasks and use more network ports for data transmission reliability and storage traffic. Virtual load and load storage system including tasks such as virtual desktops, backups, disaster recovery (DR). Gartner analyst explains how storage virtualization can help to ease the effects of virtualization.

Gartner briefly outlined the consequences of server virtualization for storage systems, and explained how to use the virtualization storage systems, the right technology and the right mix of tools, organizations can reduce the impact on enterprise storage systems.

Consider use of storage virtualization information. Gartner firm encourages organizations to use virtualization technology, data storage systems as a means to improve the storage system, and emphasizes the main advantages of this technology: Virtualization storage supports merging of information storage systems, which allows you to “see” and to consider all storage systems as a single resource. This avoids the problems with ‘abandoned’ memory resources that are not being used to improve the utilization of information storage systems and reduce the cost of storage systems by reducing the need to purchase new storage systems. The benefits of combining storage increase with the size of the managed storage systems.

Virtualization storage systems support flexible and dynamic allocation of memory resources, enabling organizations to create logical storage area, the size of which will be more effectively allocated disk space. It also allows you to reduce the cost of storage systems because the business does not need to buy all at once, the amount of physical memory – you can simply increase the amount of memory as it fills its allocated space. Subsequently, using the tools of dynamic memory allocation can increase or decrease the size of the logical volume on demand. It is important for management and capacity planning.

Virtualization storage service supports quality of cloud hosting services (QoS), which extends the functionality of data storage systems. For example, the automatic distribution of the levels allows you to automatically move data from a faster and expensive vehicle to a slower and less expensive carrier and back based on access patterns. Another function is to assign priority, which allows the right to give priority to some data input-output I / O, as compared with other data.

Consider use of solid-state drives (SSD)

One of the problems with bandwidth information storage system is associated with the time lag caused by the mechanical delays, which are inevitable when using a standard hard drive. This limits and the performance of storage systems, and the situation will only get worse in virtual infrastructures, where input and output streams of data are randomly mixed and transmitted over the network in the memory array, creating a high level of disk activity. Architects storage systems often choose the creation of large disk groups. Inclusion of a large number of spindles of hard drives in the same group can effectively distribute and reduce to a minimum the mechanical delay, as one disk writes or reads of the data, while other disks perform a search. Gartner Analyst firm suggests using SSDs (SSD) as a means of reducing the number of hard drives and provide higher data processing speed (IOPS – IO operations per second) storage systems.

Careful planning of the transition to the use of virtualization technologies. Architects should represent the data center infrastructure and its operations in preparation for the transition to virtualization technology. Gartner firm recommends IT professionals to start with the identification and quantification of the impact of server virtualization, data growth and the need for round the clock work on the infrastructure and services of storage systems.

Next, determine what you actually need to achieve and be consistent with operational flexibility, storage services and physical infrastructure. For example, if you need to pay more attention to the ability to backup and restore data, maintain data analyst, virtualization, or use a PC, as it is important to be sure that the infrastructure can support these requirements. Otherwise, you have to update or make changes to the architecture to support these features.

Gartner firm noted the distinction between strategic and tactical solutions for virtualization. Strategic decisions create stability, and short-term tactical solutions provide benefits. For example, the transition to dynamic memory allocation is a tactical decision, and the choice of using SRDF replication technology type can be a strategic decision.

Finally, Gartner analyst noted that storage virtualization solutions can be crucial for virtualization servers and desktop computers (PC), both of which place high demands on storage infrastructure. But the transition to virtualization storage requires a full understanding of these benefits, careful planning to ensure proper alignment of business needs and technical capabilities, and wise use of technologies such as data storage and distribution tier SSD.

How Do You Limit Your Web Hosting Plans?

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Some time I have felt the need to update the plans that I offer to my clients. The reality today is that we live in a market that offers unlimited web hosting plans or plans with dozens gigabytes of space.

Some offer only one plan, others offer 3 or 5. There are still those who has nearly 10 plans for a service. And there? Which model to choose?

Personally, I’m a fan of single plane model. It is a statement such as “we have everything anyone needs right here on this plan”. The plan offers 100 gigs of space, 1 tera bandwidth is optimized for WordPress. Who needs more than that to hosting.

They know who needs greatest plans under a vps hosting or dedicated server hosting.

Advantage: Only one setting applies to all users.
Disadvantage: No upgrade. The client will die paying the monthly fee. By chance, the provider offers some additional features like extra database.

Build your plan

It’s what draws the most attention of customers the possibility to have exactly what you need at the price that you can afford. If you need more database, for example. There is an addon for WHMCS for this, but it requires root access to the server, then it is impossible if you are selling or do not have the password.

Advantage: Customized plan and greater flexibility for customers.
Disadvantage: It is what gives more headache that require some extra settings and require more attention at the time of the upgrades.

Several plans

I read a study in Social Triggers that you should give options to the customers, but not many. Apparently, 3 or 4 planes is ideal. More than that and the client does not know which one to choose.

Should be well thought out and properly configured. Most plans are limited by space or number of domains / emails / technology. For example, who offers unlimited plans that can limit per domain.

Advantage: Standard model, easy to follow and execute. Customers are already used to it.
Disadvantage: No. It is widely used in various sectors of trade successfully.

I’ve been thinking of having a single plan, but with less space. Something like 10 gigs. Who needed more, buy a “kit”. A kit would be something like a package with:

  • 01 GB of space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 01 Database
  • 01 Email account
  • 01 Additional domain
  • 01 Parked domain, etc..

Thus, if the client needs 15 GB of space, it would need to sign the master plan and then add 5 kits.

Advantage: It is interesting, inspirational plans demand of clouds.
Disadvantage: It has been difficult to implement, open ticket in whmcs few days ago and have not received an answer.

Anyway, there are several hosting models and the way you configure your can facilitate or derail your life.

What model do you use?